Saturday, August 30, 2008

A deeper look into Blackjack betting

Today blackjack betting is no secret, thanks to the profusion of information available about it on the internet. Now days, you get to know all the details, pros and cons of the game just by a single click of your mouse. You will be able to find more than about a hundred websites offering you useful information on the subject. In fact, after going through such articles on blackjack you will seriously start contemplating that it is really the easiest way to make quick money in no time at all, a direct shortcut to richness. However, the interesting thing is that you you can even play this game online without interacting with the crowd that you are betting against. The best thing about this game is that along with getting scope to earn pots full of money you also get to learn about efficient management of your money. Why I am saying this is that you will never be able to win any money in blackjack betting if you fail to handle your money dexterously and with all the skill that you have. If you fail; then you will never win money but keep on losing money that may lead to bankruptcy.

Moving on to the game and its rules, what you need to know first is that the betting system is categorized into two. These two categories of black jack betting are multiplicative betting, and linear or additive betting. The history of the game however goes back 200 years, when it was first developed and popularized.

Starting with multiplicative betting: In this system you are required to double the amount of your bet every time you lose. This is done on the basis of the assumption that at the end you will accumulate the bet in a gain. Thus, you will have a profit from the initial wager. However, this incorporates a risk that you will be accumulating a great loss at the end while you go on betting in spur of the moment and therefore casinos put a limit to how much you can double your bet. Actually the casinos restrict the table. They have a losing limit, so that if you lose continuously and cross the limit,then you no longer qualify for doubling your bet and you either start afresh or quit. This system either gives you high gains or leaves you penny less but in either case, to go through the game you need a considerable amount of bankrolls to draw from.

The linear system of blackjack betting is however more simple and involves lower risks. The system was named after Jean le Rond d'Alembert who is a eighteenth century theorist and the man behind this system of blackjack. In this game you have to decide on the highest and the lowest bet and then you bet a smaller amount if you lose and bet a larger amount after you win. However, the worst factor is that, in this game there is no real gain if you accumulate consecutive series of gains and losses for example, one loss and a gain and then again a loss and so on and so forth.

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