Monday, August 11, 2008

About Casino Gambling

The history of gambling goes back to times immemorial, when in ancient civilizations betting was very much in vogue. Starting from wares of household usage to animal races and even on women, betting has been a flourishing trade and a major way of accumulating riches in a short span of time. After the casinos came into being, this betting took a different turn and turned in to a type of war in which men came and went, some stripped to their last penny while others turned to men clothed in gold. Men continuously, to this day pit their luck against gods and have been thwarted or rewarded by the same. However, you can always go back to the ancients to know more about what influence Asia and Egypt had on the gambling culture. In fact people kept their lives at stake for the sake of gambling. Now days, the casino background is more modern, one that has been taken from the Italian model of a casino. These modern casinos are the life of modern day casino gambling.

Gambling in itself is one such aspect which is deeply incorporated into the social system of all cultures, new and old. Whether it is eastern civilizations or western civilizations, from time immemorial, gambling is subtly fabricated within cultures whether it be a simple act of tossing the coin to determine fate or betting your life for a win. You will be astonished to find that in the UK alone, thousands and thousands of people are addicted to gambling with about six percent of them being related to casino gambling.

But a natural question that will arise in your mind when you are reading all of this is what is it in gambling that makes it so addictive, so as to attract so many people to it and that too throughout history. The answer is money. If you had a chance of making a million dollars in one night at a casino whereas your monthly earnings are around a thousand dollars then would you not prefer going to a casino rather than working hard for the whole month? Also you hardly have to work and you come out with the casino money. But you have to be deft and clever to place your bets in the right way and in the right amount, so that you do not end up losing more than you win. But the main thing that will draw you to play continuously is the feverish pitch of excitement of winning that is there in the entire atmosphere of any casino and this atmosphere is that which will actually pull you towards it rather than the cash you win. Thus, casino gambling turns addictive.

And you will find that it is true. Many moneyed men, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, along with stars who earn millions of dollars go for casino gambling and why? Well for the sheer excitement of the ambiance, no matter how much they are winning or how heavy are the losses being incurred.

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